What The Economic Gloomsayers Are Missing

September 12, 2014

In the sixth year of an almost unbroken rise (other than midyear in 2011) in equity values, during which the global economy weathered the failure of two large US banks, the faltering of two major auto companies, the printing of massive amounts of US dollars, a global recession, an ineffective US Congress, a European financial crisis and continued predictions of another imminent recession and “double dip”  collapse, you can expect the amplitude of continued negativity to increase.

Truth is, we are historically due for another 10%+ correction and it would be welcome by many value fund managers who take the opportunity to buy stocks of greater value and future potential. It would also be a trivial event given what we’ve come through.  If your faith in the long term growth of equity markets has not been firmly established, nothing will do this for you.

I enjoyed this Wall Street Journal article describing a few of the things the economic gloomsayers are missing. Just to confirm your faith …

WSJ.com – Economic Gloomsayers

The Long View

Couldn’t help but include this article from Jim Dunton of American Funds – 50 years in the business and commenting on the US’s future energy independence and what their economy is experiencing.


Reasons To Be Cheerful

Matt Ridley, author of the ‘Rational Optimist” and other books on evolution, genetics and the global economy has a blog and updates and comments on current events – just in case you were being swayed into believing the world is continuing over the edge …