How to Tell you are getting Bad Financial Advice

June 17, 2015

Making bad financial decisions by the average investor can be excused – we were never taught financial literacy and the complexity of investment choices, taxation, estate planning, insurance, etc., does not make it easy. Not to mention the financial press doesn’t help with their need to get our attention with frequent “end of the world reports”. In many ways we are not wired to manage the volatility of the equity market given our very healthy instinct for self-preservation. However, giving bad financial advice, as a financial professional, is inexcusable and unfortunately, still too common.

This short article from Ben Carlson will help you know when you’re getting bad advice: Are you getting bad financial advice?

Quote of the Month I – June 2015

“People are going to get out of bed and work productively around the world to meet the needs of their family. People are going to spend and there will always be some companies that will sell something that people would love to trade their money against.”

-Warren Buffett (most successful investor of the 20th century)