Habitat Global Village

February 6, 2017

Habitat for Humanity builds homes for people all over the world. If you feel drawn to do something different for a vacation, consider helping a community build a home. This is an open invitation for anyone interested in a build in Fiji this October.

Marc Caron, Team Leader with Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village program invites you to join the thousands of volunteers from around the world who are working hand in hand to eliminate poverty housing one house at a time. Work with a family to help them build a home, strengthen their community and enrich both their lives and your own.

Marc will be assembling a team of 12 to 16 volunteers for a build in Fiji from Saturday September 24th through to Wednesday October 4th. The budget estimate at this point is between $4,700 and $5,100 per person, which includes airfare, room and board, transportation and R&R for the 12 days. Volunteers are eligible for a tax receipt for these costs with the exception of the R&R portion of the trip.

If you are interested please contact Marc directly by e-mail at marccaronhome@rogers.com An information session will be organized in late February or early March for those interested in getting more information.

A Global Village trip can be a life changing experience. It’s an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of development issues, to learn more about another culture and about yourself.

Sticking to an investment process

Ben Carlson is a blogger on financial matters and this one stood out for me.  Sticking to a clear and simple investment process has always been my approach and Ben does a great job of explaining why.



Norman Bowley is an Estates and Trust lawyer has made improving our communication one of his missions in life.  He writes a weekly blog on various ways to communicate better and I read every one in their entirety.  This one stood out – he described in succinct detail President Trumps’ positive communication traits that likely won him the election and the ones that may ultimately end his term. A interesting read.