Time is Worth More than Money

April 18, 2017

…. and having a lot of time left and not enough money increases the value of money.  So, as in most things in life, managing time and money becomes a balancing act.  The gold figure at the top of this newsletter is an appropriate reminder.

Graphic inspired from “The Behaviour Gap – Carl Richards”

The things we remember and cherish most are the experiences we’ve had with the people we love. To have these experiences we need to plan them, be mentally present during them – and be without worry of work or finances.

Some of us (like me) are natural worriers – programmed by our parents (mother in my case) to assume the worst and expect the worst! I missed a few memorable experiences because my mind was on something I was worried about. For me not to worry I need to have prepared and implemented a plan with all the details that would take that worry away or at least reduce it considerably. Planning and of course implementing and often adjusting my plan has probably been the single biggest factor in helping me eliminate my worry of the future and be able to be present at memorable experiences.

Graphic inspired from “The Behaviour Gap – Carl Richards”

If there is one action I feel adds most to our future success and happiness – to allow us the mental freedom to ensure we can be truly present at memorable times – is to have and be acting on a plan.

Richard Yasinski CFP

“Every decade or so, dark clouds will fill the economic skies, and they will briefly rain gold.”

—Buffett, Berkshire 2016 annual letter (emphasis added)