New Faces in our office

October 17, 2017

As our business grows and as Nancy’s retirement looms, we have been adding to our support staff and you may be getting emails from a couple new people.

Kam Yuen comes to us from another financial planning firm with over 15 years experience in the industry and having completed his compliance licensing. Don’t allow his quiet demeanor throw you, he knows his stuff and has learned our systems quickly. He makes sure we complete our documentation correctly.

Sarah McCallum is coming back to financial services having spent a few years with Sun Life and then in administration with non-profit company. We are giving her time and a lot of training to get her up to speed. You will most likely be hearing her voice when you call reception.

Nickie Anderson has moved to part time and is in two days a week. Nancy Penk, my beloved assistant since 1997 is now on half days and will be until April – maybe May?? She needs to get used to not doing anything all day – personally, I don’t think she can.

Liberal Small Business Tax Proposals

The consultation period allowed by the Liberal Government is over and now the government is reviewing comments and will announce their final proposal late November.  How much of the original proposal that will remain is yet to be determined.  It’s clear that if fully implemented, the tax measures will impose an additional burden – both administrative and financial, on incorporated business owners and especially those who have a spouse or family member involved in the business.  With small business accounting for up to 70% of the jobs in Canada, I truly fail to see the intelligence of this. Stay tuned.

How yoou doin’?

Anyone who is a Friends fan will remember Joey’s pick up line. All I need to do to get a laugh out of Elisabeth is look at her, pause and deliver the line in that New York accent.

The trouble when trying to answer this question when it comes to ones investment or retirement planning is point of reference. Ben Carlson does a great job in this weeks blog when trying to answer this question with just a number. A single number never tells you the whole story.

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