Retirement Costs Underestimated

October 2, 2018

A global study of retirement costs has discovered that of 22,000 people polled expect to spend about 34% of their retirement income on basic living expense – the reality is 50%.

Those of you who have allowed me to complete a long term cash flow plan are planning with real numbers – and therefore in good shape- the individuals polled in this study are simply guessing at their retirement costs.


The Fog of Worry

According to Earl Nightingale, 40% of the things we worry about never come close to happening.  So how much is really worthy worrying about?


Hans Rosling RIP

Only realists can be good long term equity investors.

I came across Hans Rosling’s video “200 countries, 200 years, four minutes” about 10 years ago and appreciated its message of an improving world, its health and wealth. It confirms what I see happening. If you haven’t seen this video its well worth the four minutes.


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