Hans Rosling RIP

October 2, 2018
Only realists can be good long term equity investors.

I came across Hans Rosling’s video “200 countries, 200 years, four minutes” about 10 years ago and appreciated its message of an improving world, its health and wealth. It confirms what I see happening. If you haven’t seen this video its well worth the four minutes.


I came across a TED talk where he explained his research and explained in greater detail.
Hans Rosling passed away last year but spent his last year writing a book – “Factfulness – Ten Reasons We’re Wrong About the World” which updates his research. It will be on my reading list. Optimism is the only reality – Rosling’s work confirms this.

The need to explain the creation of wealth is obscured yet again by political debates within modern societies about how wealth ought to be distributed, which presupposes that wealth worth distributing exists in the first place. Economists speak of a ‘lump fallacy’ or ‘physical fallacy’ in which a finite amount of wealth has existed since the beginning of time, like a load of gold, and people have been fighting over how to divide it up ever since. Among the brainchildren of the Enlightenment is the realization that wealth is created.

Steven Pinker

Enlightenment Now, page 80, emphasis in the original