Short –Term Outperformance vs Long-Term Outperformance

March 21, 2018

Investment companies are quick to market their investment funds after a year of strong performance. You will often see phenomenal 1 year performance numbers in advertisements for financial products and may wonder whether these investments are worth considering.

Blogger Ben Carlson’s has studied short term and long term performance of investments and this article suggests that the tortoise does have a better chance of outperforming the hare.


The Four Horsemen of the Retirement Apocalypse

As one that abhors the use of hyperbole, I cringed at including “apocalypse” in the title of this piece but it is in deference to the author of the original material.  The original article is linked below and provides all the background to the four major challenges for retirement planning over the next 10 to 20 years.


CPP contributions to increase

January 23, 2018

CPP contributions by both an employee and the employer will increase by 1% over the next 5 years. A report by the Fraser Institute suggests the return on CPP contributions is about 4.6% based on what pensioners will get and their life expectancy.

Link to Article

Link to Fraser Report on CPP contribution Rate of Return

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