“Obvious” Investment Truths (explained)

“Higher investment returns mean taking greater risk.”
The key word is “risk”. Speculators define risk as “loss of capital”. True investors define risk as volatility. In the fullness of time, investing in a conservative fund holding a diversified portfolio of equities has historically provided a positive return.

“If you want or need a guaranteed return, accept it will be lower.”
Short term needs should not be invested in equities –only a high interest savings account. However, although you may want a guaranteed return, you may need something better to achieve financial security.

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New Client Investment Portal – Wealthview

April 18, 2017

Our dealer FundEX has implemented a new on-line site for viewing information regarding your portfolio – called Wealthview. For information on how to access and use this site please refer to these guides

For new clients – Download Here

For existing clients moving from the old Webconnect portal – Download Here

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