The Affect of Praise on Mindsets

January 19, 2016

With a background in engineering, I always appreciate when someone provides actual proof of their theories.  When proof is provided, it’s not a theory anymore but fact.  If you ever wondered how your praise affects your children, colleagues, or staff watch this short video by Carol Dweck:

Video – Carol Dweck

Thriving on Purpose

February 9, 2015

Because life expectancy has increased dramatically since the turn of the 20th century, your most important challenge and opportunity is to make the most of your “bonus” years.  Therefore, as you proactively prepare for life as an older adult, resolve to not only live longer, but to live better as well.

In their bestselling book Successful Aging, John Rowe, M.D. and Robert Kahn, Ph.D. documented the results of ten years of ground breaking research on aging.  As a result of their exhaustive investigation, the authors concluded that there are three main components of successful aging:

  1. Avoiding disease
  2. Maintaining high cognitive and physical function
  3. Actively engaging in life

Of course, these characteristics will not prevent aging, but rather enhance and preserve your quality of life as you grow older.

In addition, it is crucial to understand that these components are important throughout your life, not just in your later years.  Rowe and Kahn stressed that their study was not a search for the fountain of youth, but rather an effort to identify the keys to living well even as we age.

Similarly, a number of other studies have documented the fact that involvement in productive activities contributes to the health and well-being of individuals in their middle and older adult years.  Therefore, it is vitally important to reject outdated notions that view retirement years as a stage of life devoted to rest and relaxation.

Although leisure is very important to maintaining good health, too much leisure can lead to lethargy, indifference, and complacency.  In contrast, meaningful goals, new challenges, and productive activities lead to a happy life full of significance and purpose.

Reprinted by permission of Money Quotient, NP

Hail Spartans!

Okay – I did like the movie and wish I owned a red cape and Helmet.  But the next best thing is running in the Spartan Sprint.  I am getting a team together for the July 4th event in Ottawa. Below is the link.  The race entry will cost you around $90 but you will get months of bragging rights after completing.  And I will sponsor a victory bar-b-que at my place.  Open to my clients and family. Drop me a note!

Spartan Race – Ottawa Sprint Registration