Optimism is the Only Reality

December 23, 2015

“It’s irrational. It’s frankly illiterate to not be optimistic. We’re going to see a blossoming across essentially every front, unprecedented in human technological history. This is not something that’s hoped for. This is baked in the cake.”

—Lowell Wood, the man whose 1,085th patent surpassed Edison’s this year

I realize it’s difficult to be optimistic about the world after listening to the news yet, if you do a bit of your own research (Heck, just read my newsletter!) there are many things that support my decision to be optimistic about the world and yes, stock markets as well.

The link below is about a man you likely have never heard of – Lowell Wood – the most prolific inventor of our day.  Much of his work involves helping people – like his work with Bill Gates on vaccines and how to deliver and maintain them in the farthest reaches of Africa.

The article below is a fascinating perspective on how innovation and innovators like Lowell Wood will continue to make our lot better.

Link to Article