Personal – September 2016

September 7, 2016

As another summer comes to an end, we continue to enjoy wonderful sunny days and cool nights – how perfect is this? We are still enjoying our pool in the day and appreciating the heated water at night.

The house is proceeding nicely – we do have a poured concrete foundation and the beginning of a basement. The insulated concrete (Lego) forms took about 2 weeks to build and a day to pour. The amount of re-bar in the forms is substantial – very happy with the contractors work. We have a few interesting weeks ahead as the garage floor will be dropped into place above my shop and the basement floor will be poured.

A few pictures here.

Richard WR Yasinski CFP

Personal – June 2016

June 7, 2016

The best laid plans … Many delays in our house design have prevented the submission of our plans. Maybe this week? As proof we are proceeding, one of the pictures in the link below shows our cleared lot. I’m standing about 10 ft. from where our front door will be.

The link below has a few interesting (to me!) photos of the family. Nik’s recent graduation from Bishops and Daughter Sasha firefighting in Alberta. Her crew is part of a small number of fire fighters who rappel from a helicopter to the ground when landing is impossible – typically for northern fires. The crew then prepares a landing spot and a base camp to fight the nearby fire. Once shot is of Sasha bear hugging a tree as rookie indoctrination – she last 65 minutes – I’m told.

Link to Photos

Personal – May 2016

May 9, 2016

We have officially “launched” the last child, son Nik has graduated and will now make his way in the world. But first, he’ll spend this summer helping me build our house. He will be helping with scheduling, follow up, meeting contractors, picking up products, site cleaning and whatever else needs to be done. This has got to look good on a resume – no?

One of the objectives for the home we are building was to increase our energy efficiency.   For some time I’ve been concerned with Ontario’s energy program and feel we will pay more for energy in future then other provinces because of poor decisions and waste.

Heating and cooling uses the bulk of the annual energy cost for a home so most of the dollars I’m spending are going into extra sealing and insulation of the home envelope. Our walls will have twice the insulation than a typical code built home and our basement concrete slab will be insulated from underneath. A special air barrier will be installed inside the wall and carefully sealed around all windows and doors. Think of a hot air balloon – very little heat escapes when the air is contained. Because the home will be so tight we have to install an air exchanger which will ensure the fresh outside air is pre-heated by the stale outgoing air.

One of the things I’d like to petition for is tax credits for increasing the efficiency of our homes – the problem is, since Ontario has been producing more power than it needs and having to sell it at a lower cost, our electricity bills will keep going up to continue to pay for an infrastructure not properly managed. How do we fix this?

Richard WR Yasinski CFP