Personal – June 2015

June 17, 2015

We haven’t slowed down at the office but I’m still getting into the summer groove.  Enjoying bar-b-ques around the pool and summer evening walks!

On May 23 I joined my son Nik at an Airsoft battle.  Airsoft is a simulated battle game played on a field much like paint ball.  Airsoft guns are very realistic and shoot pill sized plastic and bio-degradable beads.  The “soldiers” involved include ex-military, police offices and regular guys like us – most are outfitted with actual military gear.  Here are a few photo’s after our “battle”: Airsoft Photos 1 , Airsoft Photos 2

The realism was phenomenal – so much so I couldn’t help but feel for and praise members of our armed forces who put themselves in these situations for real!

Well I finally finished our live edge board room table and it turned out fantastic.  The welded legs set off the 2 ¼ inch thick oiled ambrosia maple slab very nicely. Boardroom Table Photos

Richard WR Yasinski CFP

Personal – Feb. 2015

February 9, 2015

My last task was to complete this newsletter and Elisabeth and I are off to sunny Mexico on Saturday!  I really have come to enjoy a week south once or twice during the winter.  You may find me working from somewhere down there in future for a bit longer!

Although we are moved in and functional, we just ordered our desks and glad we delayed it until we were in for a few weeks – design changes (for the better) were made.   One of the items I included was a sit/stand desk component for my office.  I find I can’t sit too long without getting up and have read how a standing desk burns more calories and can help you to work more effectively.  We’ll see.

The boardroom table is in process – was a little cold last weekend while I sanded in the garage.  The based support has been ordered – Duke’s forge is welding up my design and it’s looking good.

Richard WR Yasinski CFP

We have moved!

January 13, 2015

Our new address (which is our old/old address) is as follows:

600 Terry Fox, Suite 210
Kanata, ON K2L 4B6

TEL.: 613-271-9994 (Phone numbers have not changed)

Please make note of our new location for future meeting!