October 2, 2018

In conversations with clients, friends and from our own personal experience, the scammers are continuing the email phishing scams along with moving to the telephone and calling us directly.  If you are ever contacted and threatened to be arrested or jailed or an attempt at exploitation is made, just hang up!

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The Affect of Praise on Mindsets

January 19, 2016

With a background in engineering, I always appreciate when someone provides actual proof of their theories.  When proof is provided, it’s not a theory anymore but fact.  If you ever wondered how your praise affects your children, colleagues, or staff watch this short video by Carol Dweck:

Video – Carol Dweck


January 13, 2015

In The How of Happiness, research psychologist and professor Sonja Lyubomirsky provides a comprehensive guide to understanding that nebulous and elusive state of being called “happiness.”

Her pioneering research has revealed that a genetic set point accounts for 50 percent of our happiness while only 10 percent can be attributed to our life circumstances and situations.  That leaves 40 percent of our capacity for happiness within our power to change.

For Lyubomirsky (and for the rest of us!), this is heartening news.  Scientific evidence confirms that we can maximize our happiness by managing what we do and how we think.  She explains:

“If we observe genuinely happy people, we shall find that they do not just sit around being contented.  They make things happen.  They pursue new understandings, seek new achievements, and control their thoughts and feelings.  In sum, our intentional, effortful activities have a powerful effect on how happy we are, over and above effects of our set points and the circumstances in which we find ourselves.  If an unhappy person wants to experience interest, enthusiasm, contentment, peace, and joy, he or she can make it happen by learning the habits of a happy person.”

Luckily, we don’t have to rely on our observations alone.  Lyubomirsky’s research has identified the most effective strategies for maximizing happiness such as cultivating optimism, practicing gratitude, and savoring life’s pleasures in the here in now.

To determine your own happiness score and to learn what happiness activities will benefit you the most, download “The How of Happiness”

Reprinted by permission of Money Quotient, NP