New Home Buyers Program (and tax credit)

June 19, 2018

We have assisted a number of our younger clients with setting up their RSP contributions to take advantage of the New Home Buyers Program.  Many of these clients were saving their down payments in a TFSA and not realizing they could make a contribution to their RSP’s, and withdraw tax free for the purchase of a new home – the major benefit – a significant tax refund on current or future income.  Call Sarah in our office for all the details.


Twelve Consequences if You Die Without a Will?

The survey’s continue to confirm a high percentage of Canadians do not have Wills and of those that do, many of these Wills are not accurate and need to be updated.  This article reviews the impact of not having a valid and up to date Will.


A new survey shows 74% of Canadians don’t have an up-to-date Will.


What’s a dividend?

Dividend’s along with interest and capital gains are the three types of returns investors earn. The dividends our portfolio’s produced are typically re-invested and buy more shares – But what exactly are dividends?


Faster growth in the last five quarters is producing dividends for American households. Total nominal wage and salary payments grew by $369 billion, which works out to about $2,900 per household (emphasis added). This is 38% higher than the growth during the last year of the Obama administration. The Bureau of Labor Statistics separately reported 1% growth in hourly compensation for private workers during the first quarter, which is the largest increase in at least 12 years.

WSJ editorial
Business carries the economy
April 28-29