Helen Cwinn CFP CLU CEA

Helen Cwinn CFP CLU CEA

Taking care.

In my 20 plus years of financial advising, I have been witness to the full gamut – from birth to graduation, from weddings to divorces, from business start-ups to acquisitions, from first-home purchases to downsizing in the latter years. It gives me great satisfaction to sit alongside my clients and advise them financially, and at the same time, build life-long relationships that often extend to the next generations. I love knowing that I am solving complex financial issues that will be of benefit to all family members from estate planning to final transfer of wealth.

Planning big

I received my Certification as a Financial Planner (CFP) from the Carleton University School of Business. I’m also a Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) and have a Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) designation (Institute of Advanced Financial Planning). All of this allows me to support my clients with financial plans, estate planning, trusts, and small business planning. My experience and background help me to manage all aspects of estate planning in an area that has become extremely complex because of taxation and variety of assets.

Helen Cwinn, CFP, CLU, CEA

Making change.

My clients are you and I. They are all ages, with all manner of goals and financial access. They know they need help but cannot do it alone. That’s where I come in. I assess their state of affairs, make a plan, reassure them in times of turmoil, and readjust when necessary. I manage their investments, prepare their taxes, and even create budgets.

Creating impact.

I like to think my business life emulates my personal life. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Ontario, but have also called Vancouver, BC, home, as well as Denver, CO. I am a mother of three boys, a partner to Dave, and a friend to many. I love the outdoors and to be challenged in my fitness. In the summer of 2011, I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro as part of a fundraising effort, where we raised over $80,000 for children without homes. It was one of my greatest achievements, and I would do it again in a heartbeat because I saw the impact on people’s lives. That’s ultimately what I want for my clients as well – to have impact on the financial side and to see it translate into the personal.

“It’s a pleasure working with Helen. She’s both informed and confident!”

Charles and Donna

Also learn more about Helen at www.helencwinn.com